Superhero Worship: Top 40 Marvel Movie Ideas, Ranked

From smart casting choices to Spidey and X-Men reboots, we rank the decisions that have shaped Marvel's superhero universe, from worst to best

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Turning 'Iron Man 2' Into a Coming-Soon Commercial
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30. Turning 'Iron Man 2' Into a Coming-Soon Commercial

The first Iron Man was sleek, effective and remarkably well cast (see No. 1). Its sequel, on the other hand, felt like little more than a hodgepodge of superhero-film conventions, and gave the impression of a project made by committee. Part of the problem was that Marvel hadn't figured out how to effectively weave its Marelverse together yet, so huge chunks of Iron Man 2 came across as sneak previews for other movies. (Here's Cap's shield! Here's Black Widow for no apparent reason!) It would take another film or two before Marvel Studios got its M.O. down.

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