Superhero Worship: Top 40 Marvel Movie Ideas, Ranked

From smart casting choices to Spidey and X-Men reboots, we rank the decisions that have shaped Marvel's superhero universe, from worst to best

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 'Killing off' Cyclops and Professor X
Alan Markfield31/40

31. 'Killing off' Cyclops and Professor X

It's not that X-Men: The Last Stand is a bad movie (because in many ways, it's not); it's just fatally indifferent to so many foundations of the X-Men canon — including these two beloved characters. At least Xavier (Patrick Stewart) got a somewhat epic death scene; poor Cyclops is killed off-screen five minutes into the movie. (Yes, James Marsden was committed to Superman Returns, but there's this thing called recasting….) We've always heard that then-Fox CEO Tom Rothman wanted to kill the franchise with this film. Ultimately, he didn't (nor did he permanently off Professor X, per the post-credits sequence and Patrick Stewart's presence in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past), but it sure seems like he tried his hardest to put a stake through its heart.

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