Superhero Worship: Top 40 Marvel Movie Ideas, Ranked

From smart casting choices to Spidey and X-Men reboots, we rank the decisions that have shaped Marvel's superhero universe, from worst to best

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Giving Roger Corman the Rights to the Fantastic Four
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39. Giving Roger Corman the Rights to the Fantastic Four

Marvel Comics sold off the film rights to a lot of its characters over the years — to its undying regret — but giving the famously thrifty king of the B-movies one of the publisher's most iconic titles was easily one of its most foolish moves. Made at the last minute solely to keep the option from expiring, Corman's threadbare, amateurish 1994 film was never released, and deservedly so. (Stan Lee later said that it was never intended for public consumption in the first place; bootleg copies of this cinematic Hindenburg, however, have been circulating for years.) The Four would eventually get the studio-blockbuster treatment — and would fare only marginally better than they did here.

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