Summer Movie Preview 2018: From 'Infinity War' to 'BlacKkKlansman'

From superhero epics to a stranger-than-fiction KKK drama – your complete guide to the season's blockbusters and big-name movies

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'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' (Jul. 27)

It's the sixth Mission: Impossible movie in which 55-year-old Tom Cruise, as the intrepid Ethan Hunt, has to keep topping himself with stunts other stars would leave to their doubles. Christopher McQuarrie – the only director so far to guide two M:I epics – points with pride to the skydiving scene that the mega-movie star did in one take. And what about Cruise piloting a chopper while other choppers surround him? We could tell you about the plot, but who cares? We're all in it for the adrenaline rush, Cruise included.

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