Summer Movie Preview 2013

Men of iron, steel and adamantium (hey, Wolverine) ride herd on a season that leaves audiences high and critics puking

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Pacific Rim
Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment9/26

Pacific Rim

In Theaters: July 12

Just seeing the words "directed by Guillermo del Toro" fills me with joyful anticipation. Yes, in my book, Pan’s Labyrinth is that sublime. Pacific Rim stars Idris Elba as a military honcho leading an army of Jaegers (skyscraper-size robots) into battle against Kaiju (creatures from another planet). If you think that sounds like the dreaded Michael Bay in Transformers mode, you don’t know del Toro. "What we went for is a very, very romantic look," he says. "I wanted to have a lot of crazy rain, wind, all the drama of an Emily Brontë movie in a high-tech movie." Sold.

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