Summer Movie Preview 2013

Men of iron, steel and adamantium (hey, Wolverine) ride herd on a season that leaves audiences high and critics puking

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Courtesy Columbia Pictures3/26


In Theaters: August 9

About a year ago, Matt Damon told me how excited he was to be working with director Neill Blomkamp. "I mean, did you see District 9?" Damon asked. I did indeed. Blomkamp’s 2009 feature debut won the South African writer-director an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Blomkamp’s back on sci-fi turf with Elysium, in which the have-nots struggle on Earth while the haves, repped by Jodie Foster, orbit in a space station. Damon is a factory slave looking to move on up. It’s WALL-E with weapons and a social conscience.

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