Summer Movie Preview 2013

Don’t kid yourself. you know you’re jonesing for summer movies that get right up in your fricking face. We all are. But, jeez, do we really need the overkill? Of the 100 or so movies that will be released between now and Labor Day, the vast majority are out to kick ass and pulverize brain matter. That goes for comedy as well as action. What, you think The Hangover Part III is gonna hang back? Aside from a few indie gems, such as Before Midnight, The Bling Ring and Fruitvale Station, guy-centric epics – fresh out of Hollywood’s recycle factory – are the order of the box-office day. But too many craptaculars can take a toll. At what point in the summer do we get tired of watching hack directors blow shit up? Here’s a shortlist to help you separate the class from the crass.

By Peter Travers