Steven Spielberg's Movies, Ranked Worst to Best

From 'Raiders' to 'Ready Player One,' the King of Hollywood's work from completists-only to modern classics

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27. 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' (1989)

The third film in the Indiana Jones series has several fantastic set pieces, but it's also marred by lazy plotting that simply tries to ape the vastly superior Raiders. (This time, they're after the Holy Grail instead of the Ark of the Covenant.) The highlight is Sean Connery's convincingly pissy performance as Indiana Jones' bickering, judgmental dad; watching the original James Bond and the once and future Han Solo snipe away at each other is a joy. But this feels more like an act of fan service than a real adventure. The best thing you can say about Crystal Skull is that thanks to that misfire, this entry is no longer the franchise's worst.

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