Rob Sheffield's 2012 Fall TV Preview

Your day-by-day guide to the 21 new and returning shows worth watching

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Kevin Lynch/CBS11/21


CBS, Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Dennis Quaid vs. Michael Chiklis? Now that's a duel. The new thriller, Vegas, is set in the 1960s for a bit of that Mad Men flavor, à la Pan Am or The Playboy Club, already-forgotten flops from last year. Quaid, having reached the network-drama point in his fame arc, struts his stuff as a down-home rancher who turns sheriff, Walking Tall-style, because he's sick and tired of these goddamn city slickers bringing their casino corruption to his native soil. Chiklis is the Chicago mobster who isn't going to roll over so easily, and Carrie-Anne Moss, from The Matrix, shines as a feisty DA. It's not to be confused with the meta-cheese Aaron Spelling drama with the same title, though Spelling was shrewd enough to spell his Vega$ with a dollar sign.

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