Risky Business: Every Tom Cruise Film, Ranked – Updated

From top guns to last samurais, impossible missions to Mummy hunts – we rate the movies of America's reigning movie star from worst to best

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'Valkyrie' (2008)
United Artists21/40

21. 'Valkyrie' (2008)

Cruise may not have been the ideal actor to play Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the German officer who tried to lead a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. But Bryan Singer's 2008 ensemble drama (which also features sterling performances from Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, and Tom Wilkinson) is still a largely effective, absorbing historical thriller that gradually builds in suspense. As the conspirators put together their plan, you find yourself becoming more and more invested in it – even though we know pretty much how it turned out (no spoilers here). The star is not the weakest link; he's just not its strongest selling point either.

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