Risky Business: Every Tom Cruise Film, Ranked – Updated

From top guns to last samurais, impossible missions to Mummy hunts – we rate the movies of America's reigning movie star from worst to best

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'Cocktail' (1988)
Buena Vista Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection30/40

30. 'Cocktail' (1988)

It's Top Gun set it in the world of bartending; that's not a compliment, by the way. Cruise is Brian Flanagan, an ambitious young man who wants to make a lot of money but doesn't have the experience for a Wall Street job — so naturally, he winds up behind a bar instead. There, he finds himself taken under the wing of older, wiser aphorism-generator Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown), with whom he creates a nightly spectacle of juggling bottles, synchronized pouring, and other displays of bartending prowess. It's meant to be fun, but it's a surprisingly dark portrait of late-Eighties capitalism, a world where everyone is desperate to gain an edge and get ahead. But any social critique the movie offers is undone by the sub-soap opera plot. You will feel shaken, not stirred.

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