Readers' Poll: 10 Worst Movies of Summer 2016

See what movie managed to get more hate than 'Warcraft,' 'Ghostbusters' and 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

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Readers' Poll: 10 Worst Movies of Summer 2016

2. 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

Had a sequel to Independence Day hit theaters sometime around 1999 it would likely have been a big hit. But for a multitude of reasons, it didn't actually happen until 2016. That's a lifetime in Hollywood. Further hobbling the sequel was Will Smith's refusal to return. Not to slight Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch, but they aren't the kind of stars that can anchor a blockbuster these days. Critics complained that the plot – which involved another invasion from hostile aliens – felt like a redo of the original, and it grossed just $387.6 million. That's probably not enough to get the third movie they teased at the end. 

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