Readers' Poll: 10 Worst Movies of Summer 2016

See what movie managed to get more hate than 'Warcraft,' 'Ghostbusters' and 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

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Readers' Poll: 10 Worst Movies of Summer 2016

3. 'Ghostbusters'

Who could have ever imagined that a Ghostbusters reboot would become yet another fight in the culture wars? But when they announced it would feature an all-female crew of Ghostbusters, a bunch of online trolls emerged to tear it to pieces. There was even a campaign to get a million people to vote "dislike" on the YouTube trailer. The fight inspired about 10,000 think pieces, though when the movie finally hit it was largely greeted with a shrug. Most critics said the actresses were great, but the movie just didn't bring enough laughs or excitement. It grossed $227.6 million, but that probably wasn't enough to pull a profit or get a sequel. 

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