Readers' Poll: 10 Best 'Star Trek' Movies

See what film managed to top 'Star Trek IV: Voyage Home' and 'Star Trek: First Contact'

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4. 'Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country'

William Shatner's Star Trek contract guaranteed him the right to anything that was also given to Leonard Nimoy. And after Nimoy directed Star Trek III and IV, Shatner insisted that he get the next one. Paramount had no choice but to agree. He gave Star Trek V: The Final Frontier his all, but even he admits it didn't work out. The movie is boring beyond belief and it lost them all the momentum they gained from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Thankfully, 1991 was the 25th anniversary of the series and Paramount ordered up another movie that would serve as a goodbye to the original crew. Nicholas Meyer, the director of The Wrath of Khan, was brought back, and he gave them a fitting farewell. The movie strands Kirk and McCoy on a frigid alien prison planet right as the Federation is creating a peace deal with the Klingons. Kirk came back in Generations, bringing Scotty and Chekov along with him for cameos, but this was truly the end of the old gang. 

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