Readers' Poll: 10 Best 'Star Trek' Movies

See what film managed to top 'Star Trek IV: Voyage Home' and 'Star Trek: First Contact'

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3. 'Star Trek: First Contact'

Most any Star Trek fanatic would agree that the Borg was the best villain introduced during the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In one of the show's best episodes, the evil collective kidnapped Picard and turned him into one of their own. Star Trek: First Contact is essentially a sequel where the Borg travel back in time to disrupt mankind's first contact with aliens. The Enterprise E travels back in time to save the future, but they must also fight off a group of Borg that have travelled onto their ship. The story deftly moves back and forth from Earth to the ship and everyone in the cast gets a chance to shine. It's a fantastic movie, and if they hadn't fucked up the next two so profoundly we still might be getting new Star Trek: The Next Generation films. 

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