Readers' Poll: 10 Best Mel Brooks Movies

See what film managed to top 'Spaceballs,' 'The Producers' and 'Young Frankenstein'

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3. 'Silent Movie'

The back-to-back success of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein gave Mel Brooks a lot of pull in Hollywood, basically giving him the freedom to make whatever movie he wanted for a follow-up. He spent all that capital on Silent Movie, a (virtually) silent movie that paid tribute to the earliest days of Hollywood while mocking the studio system of the 1970s. Brooks played a washed-up director that tries to create the first silent film in 40 years. Brooks originally wanted it to be completely silent, but he relented and packed the movie with sound effects and songs. There's even a single word, though its spoken by famous mime Marcel Marceau. It didn't pull in crowds quite like Brooks hoped, but then again, it was a silent movie released in 1976. It's a wonder it happened at all. 

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