Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies

'Liar, Liar,' 'Eternal Sunshine' and 'The Truman Show' make this list of the comedic actor's best films

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2. 'The Truman Show'

Outside of The Real World and a handful of other pioneering programs, there was no reality TV back in 1998. Survivor was still two years away and Regis Philbin hadn't even put on his suit for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? It was into this more innocent time that The Truman Show hit theaters, telling the story of a young man who doesn't realize that his entire life is a TV show and everyone he knows, down to his wife and best friend, is a paid actor. Why anyone would want to watch such a seemingly boring show is besides the point: This is a brilliant and wondrous movie, even if in 2014 the concept no longer seems that far-fetched. 

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