Peter Travers' 2012 Summer Movie Preview

From 'The Avengers' to 'The Campaign,' the season's 10 must-see flicks

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In Theaters: June 8th

"I hope it stands up to Alien," says Michael Fassbender, who plays the android protagonist David in Prometheus. Amen to that, brother. Ever since word leaked that the film might be a prequel to director Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi classic, or at least contain strands of Alien, fanboys have been salivating. From what I've seen so far – in spectacular 3D, BTW – disappointment won't be an option. As soon as Scott sends the spaceship Prometheus on an interplanetary mission, the tension kicks in. Charlize Theron does a lot of corporate bossing around, but Noomi Rapace, as the ship's resident archaeologist, could be the MVP on this journey. And to watch Fassbender get his droid on in a hommage to Scott's Blade Runner is enough to set pulses racing. Did you hit YouTube yet to catch that viral-video tease showing Guy Pearce as tycoon Peter Weyland explaining the myth of Prometheus and its link to technology? Do it. Now that's what I'm talking about. 

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