Patton Oswalt: My Life in 10 Movies

The comedian and author of 'Silver Screen Fiend' charts his rise from young cinema junkie to successful stand-up via 10 gamechanging films

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'Nosferatu' (1922)

"I saw it when I was five years old, and it was the first time I ever remember being totally terrified of a thing projected on a screen. I was still living in Tustin Meadows, California, and my parents took me to Halloween day at the library, where the people who ran the program decided to show children this horrifying movie about a rat-like vampire. They weren't trying to be mean or sadistic; it was more like, 'Hey, here's this old silent movie, let's show it to these bored kids!' I thought that everything I was looking at was going to crawl out of that square of light and come after me. It was horrifying. But it was also: 'This scares the shit out of me...and I want to get on the other side of this and figure out what this is!'"