Patton Oswalt: My Life in 10 Movies

The comedian and author of 'Silver Screen Fiend' charts his rise from young cinema junkie to successful stand-up via 10 gamechanging films

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'Big Fan' (2009)

"Okay, I'm going personal here for a second. This was the first time that someone trusted me to be the lead in a movie, and a dramatic one at that. 'You mean you have this great script, and you want me to play this part — and you think I will not fuck things up? Really?!?' [Laughs] I'd been on movie sets before, but this was the first time I really got to see how a scrappy, independent movie got made. I'd been running my mouth off for ages about how 'movies were so much better in the Seventies, man, they had balls back then!' And now, here was my chance be in a film like that, one that really tried to channel that sort of energy and storytelling. It opened my eyes not only to what I might be able to do as an actor, but about modern movies in general. Maybe the Golden Age of American movies hadn't passed, you know? Maybe it was still possible to be part of something great."

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