Oscars 2015’s 20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments

From stirring speeches to truly 'Awesome' musical performances

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Worst: Eddie Redmayne Losing It
Christopher Polk/Getty15/20

Worst: Eddie Redmayne Losing It

There were those who thought that Redmayne's overenthusiastic, overwhelmed reaction to winning Best Actor for The Theory of Everything was cute; it was undeniably genuine. And we aren't saying that we wouldn't feel a little beside ourselves if we found ourselves onstage collecting an honest-to-goodness Academy Award. But when the British actor lost it a little ways into his speech, exclaiming "Wow" at the statuette, doing an odd little jig, contorting his face and fiddling with his collar — it was awkward, to say the least. Following it up by mentioning the Hawking family and then saying he'd be the award's custodian didn't help any. Where is Kanye when you need him?

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