Oscars 2015: Peter Travers on Who Will (and Who Should) Win

From 'Boyhood' to 'Birdman,' here's your tip sheet for the whitest Oscars in years

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Best Director

The Nominees

Wes AndersonThe Grand Budapest Hotel

Alejandro G. IñárrituBirdman

Richard LinklaterBoyhood

Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher

Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game

 Narrowing the Field

Just like the Best Picture race, it's between Boyhood and Birdman. That means Linklater, in his most personal film, takes on Iñárritu in his. In the past three years, Best Picture and Director have not matched up. It might happen again. Yikes!


By now, you know I'm going to say Ava DuVernay, who by any standard of quality measurement should be there for Selma. Oh, wait, she's black.


If anyone but Linklater or Iñárritu wins.

Should Win

Linklater. I've made my case.

Will Win

Iñárritu. Maybe because Birdman has more bells and whistles. Or maybe not.

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