Offbeat Oscars: 10 Outside-the-Box Best Picture Winners

Serial-killer thrillers, neurotic-nebbish rom-coms, silent French movies — these winners went against the grain

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'The Artist' (2011)

History will remember February 26th, 2012 as the day when the Oscars officially became a crap shoot. The last (and most visionary) of Harvey Weinstein's legendary Academy Awards heists, The Artist was an outside-the-box pick that few people saw, and even fewer saw coming. The first "silent" film to win Best Picture since 1929 and the first black-and-white film to win Best Picture since 1960, Michael Hazanavicius' love letter to old Hollywood triumphed over competition from Alexander Payne, Terrence Malick, Woody Allen, and Steven Spielberg. Quickly brushed under the rug, the French movie nevertheless cemented this as an era in which almost any kind of movie can take home the business' biggest prize.

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