Offbeat Oscars: 10 Outside-the-Box Best Picture Winners

Serial-killer thrillers, neurotic-nebbish rom-coms, silent French movies — these winners went against the grain

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'Rocky' (1976)

Boasting two separate wins for the Godfather saga, the early Seventies was a magical time when the Academy Awards' shortlist was crowded with bleak masterpieces: Chinatown, Cries and Whispers, The Conversation. When Rocky improbably snagged Best Picture in 1976 — cementing its legacy as cinema's ultimate underdog story — its triumph over Network and All the President's Men was all the more shocking. Here was the Academy giving the grand prize to an unequivocally feel-good story, at a time when most Oscar contenders offered even fewer smiles than they did black people. Going inside the ring to think outside the box, the movie proved that the unconventional pick is sometimes the most conventional nominee.

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