New to the 'Game': The Best and Worst New Characters from 'Game of Thrones' Season Two

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Talisa Maegyr (aka 'Jeyne')
Helen Sloan/HBO12/15

12. Talisa Maegyr (aka 'Jeyne')

Oona Chaplin's foreign noblewoman has a great smile, a great backstory, and a great job, taking care of the wounded that Robb Stark leaves in his wake. (She's also got a great keister; if only the show had shown us Robb's too – for research purposes.) Chaplin's a lively and magnetic presence amid the muck of Robb's war, but until Talisa herself acts to influence the story, rather than serving as something for Robb to react to, it's tough to stack the Queen in the North up against the rest of the players.

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