Midseason TV Preview: 10 New and Returning Buzz Shows

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New Show: 'The Carrie Diaries'
Nino Munoz/The CW2/10

New Show: 'The Carrie Diaries'

Starring: AnnaSophia Robb
Premieres: January 14th (CW)

What was Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw like before she was, well, the Carrie Bradshaw? Set in the Eighties, this show follows a 16-year-old Carrie (Robb) through the streets of New York City long before her freewheeling, Cosmo-sipping days as a high-profile sex columnist with a gabby group of girlfriends. Considering it's on the CW, don't expect it to be anywhere near as raunchy – or mature – as the original HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

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