Meet the 'Duets' Superstars: Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles Take on ABC's New Show

Hitmakers will coach unknowns – and perform with them each week – in a quest to find the next great singer

John Beasley (Musical Director/Band Leader)
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John Beasley (Musical Director/Band Leader)

Who He Is: Beasley is known for his extensive background arranging for music competition shows. He was the Associate Musical Director and Lead Arranger for several seasons of American Idol and served as Musical Director for Pussycat Dolls Presents, The Search for the Next Doll. He also arranged music for America's Got Talent and Singing Bee.

Who You Know: Through his reality show background and referral from Rickey Minor (Music Director/Band Leader, Tonight Show Band), he was hired on as the arranger for Duets.

The Gig: Beasley will work closely with the superstars, amateurs and Duets band in coming up with original content and song arrangements for the show’s weekly performances.

The Duets Difference:"Musically, Duets is definitely a step up [from my past shows] because you ve got really great professional artists singing on every song and they are really easy to rehearse with. They come to me with ideas, whereas, on the other shows I'd have to pull it out of them. On the other shows we d have to arrange around what we thought could happen because it was live. On this show, you can really go for it." 

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