James Bond Movie Theme Songs, Ranked Worst to Best

From A-Ha to Adele, breaking down the franchise's legendary (and legendarily bad) opening numbers

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2. 'Live and Let Die' (Paul McCartney and Wings)

Possibly the best song Paul McCartney ever recorded with Wings, "Live and Let Die" isn't just good — it's Beatles good. With an assist from Linda McCartney and legendary producer George Martin (who arranged the track's killer orchestral break in addition to his usual duties), this perpetually shifting tune feels like a super condensed throwback to the medley that backstops Abbey Road. Featuring the only good thing that a guitar has ever done for a Bond theme, the song front-loads the franchise's curious attempt to cash in on the early Seventies blaxploitation wave, but this is one of those rare tunes that's worth the price of admission all by itself.

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