James Bond Movie Theme Songs, Ranked Worst to Best

From A-Ha to Adele, breaking down the franchise's legendary (and legendarily bad) opening numbers

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8. 'For Your Eyes Only' (Sheena Easton)

Following the cartoon serial theatrics of Moonraker, 1981's For Your Eyes Only was meant to be a return to the grittier Bond movies of yore. Composer Bill Conti had other plans, however — and because the funky, unmistakably Eighties score he wrote for the film demanded a similarly off-brand theme, we got Sheena Easton's shimmering low-key ballad. The first (and last) performer in the series to have her face superimposed over the opening titles, the "Sugar Walls" singer aims this post-coital country jam for the last row in the theater, holding it together on the strength of her conviction (and a killer piano power chord).

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