James Bond Movie Theme Songs, Ranked Worst to Best

From A-Ha to Adele, breaking down the franchise's legendary (and legendarily bad) opening numbers

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17. 'Die Another Day' (Madonna)

There's really only one way to prepare audiences for an action movie involving space lasers, invisible cars, and a henchman with diamonds encrusted into his face: Robo-Madonna. Declaring that James Bond needed "to get techno," the Material Girl cut a glitchy, awkward, and hideously auto-tuned chant that allows audiences to experience a degree of the torture that 007 endures in the opening scene. Easily the weirdest Bond theme ever recorded (even before android Madge offers a spoken-word interlude that name checks Freud), the song was symptomatic of a franchise desperately trying to disguise the fact that it had sunk into self-parody.

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