James Bond Movie Theme Songs, Ranked Worst to Best

From A-Ha to Adele, breaking down the franchise's legendary (and legendarily bad) opening numbers

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21. 'Another Way to Die' (From 'Quantum of Solace') (Jack White and Alicia Keys)

On paper, the series' first two-for-one theme sounded too good to be true: Alicia Keys lacing some pop R&B swagger over Jack White's crunchy guitar licks — what could go wrong? Less a duet than the sound of two people singing vaguely similar songs at the same time, "Another Way to Die" may not share a title the film to which it's attached (you try finding a good rhyme for "Quantum of Solace"), but it was just as disappointing. White and Keys' voices fit together like 007 and celibacy, and the track quickly devolves into a screechy high-speed chase of runaway harmonies and staccato horn blasts. Like the master plans of the franchise's many nemeses, the idea here was strong — it was in the execution where things went up in flames.

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