'Jackass' Gang on Their 12 Most Outrageous Stunts

From penis-breaking backflips to the 'poo-cano,' Johnny Knoxville and friends on the stories behind their craziest moments

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'Old Men Behaving Badly'

The Jackass crew's penchant for dressing up in geriatric prosthetics and wreaking havoc gave birth to a number of memorable pranks ("old-man balls," anyone?), as well as a spin-off movie/franchise: Bad Grandpa, in which Knoxville's crazy coot Irving Zisman goes batshit on unsuspecting locals.

Stephen "Steve-O" Glover: It's funny anytime you see an old person do something fucked up.

Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña: There is going to be a time when we're all sitting at these old folks homes, tattooed up, wrinkled, gray hair, talking about Jackass. That gave us a glimpse to that feeling.