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'Jackass' Gang on Their 12 Most Outrageous Stunts

From penis-breaking backflips to the 'poo-cano,' Johnny Knoxville and friends on the stories behind their craziest moments

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'Anaconda Ball Pit'

Johnny Knoxville: Snakes are like bulls. They're very cooperative.

Wee-Man: It was me, Dunn and Knoxville that were in the anaconda ball pit. There was two huge anacondas in there. Dunn gets bit by the first one, lets it go. The anaconda started wrapping itself around Dunn and holding him down. You hear Dunn's like, "Uhh!" — and you see him fall out of the side just to get the snake off of him. It was intense. Then Knoxville gets bit. I got out of it pretty easy because there was only two in there.

Knoxville: I had electric tape around my wrists because I didn’t want the snake to bite through my arteries. Then after we shot, the guy was like, "One of these snakes took someone's calf muscle the other day." Thanks for telling me afterwards.

Wee-Man: If they bite you and start wrapping, you're dead. I'm an appetizer for them. So I was pretty scared.

Knoxville: I did wear a cup on this one, because I did not want that to happen. My thing has been through enough.

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