It Takes Two: Top 25 Best Buddy Comedies

From mismatched cops on a job to teenage best friends going out in a blaze of glory, we count down the

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'White Men Can't Jump' (1992)
SNAP/Rex / Rex USA21/25

21. 'White Men Can't Jump' (1992)

Trash-talking has always been a part of sports, if not always a part of sports movies; Ron Shelton's athletic bromance about two SoCal basketball hustlers bucks that trend, to say the least. Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson demonstrate they have the skills to pay the bills on the court (the film's b-ball advisor, former Detroit Piston Bill Lanier, suggested the both could have played college-level hoops), but it's their salty trading of creative insults and yo-momma snaps ("It would take your mother two hours to watch 60 Minutes") that proves they're comedic equals. These guys bond over the ability to turn bad-mouthing somebody into an art form — the start of a beautiful friendship on- and off-screen.—DAVID FEAR

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