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It Takes Two: Top 25 Best Buddy Comedies

From mismatched cops on a job to teenage best friends going out in a blaze of glory, we count down the

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'Up in Smoke' (1978)
Courtesy Everett Collection3/25

3. 'Up in Smoke' (1978)

A decade into their comedic partnership, Mssrs. Cheech and Chong ground up their best bits, rolled 'em tight, and set the world ablaze with their film debut — the archetypal stoner comedy of our time. Watching these best buds (heh, heh) share a spliff the size of a baby's arm, outfox the cops, pilot a "fiberweed" van through customs and somehow still win a battle of the bands is the stuff of dopehead dreams, proof that you don't need to leave the couch to achieve greatness. Kinda grabs ya by the boo-boo, don't it?—JAMES MONTGOMERY

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