It Takes Two: Top 25 Best Buddy Comedies

From mismatched cops on a job to teenage best friends going out in a blaze of glory, we count down the

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'The Trip' (2010)
IFC Films16/25

16. 'The Trip' (2010)

There are plenty of buddy comedies where the main characters don't start out liking each other — but not many where they finish the same way. Actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (playing metafictional versions of themselves) have a shared history, enough that when Coogan's girlfriend drops out of a food tour of Northern England, he taps Brydon to take her place. But as they move from one lavishly photographed meal to the next, their perpetually barbed interactions never soften into congeniality (although their duet on Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" is kinda sweet). The movie's iconic scene — one duly replicated in the forthcoming sequel The Trip to Italy — finds them swapping Michael Caine impressions, a playful competition that quickly turns into a pistols-at-dawn duel. Only the fact that Coogan and Brydon are friends in real life keeps it from coming off as the story of two people who (amusingly) hate each other.—SAM ADAMS

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