It Takes Two: Top 25 Best Buddy Comedies

From mismatched cops on a job to teenage best friends going out in a blaze of glory, we count down the

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'Hot Fuzz' (2007)
Rogue Pictures/Everett Collection14/25

14. 'Hot Fuzz' (2007)

You could have put any of the films that British director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done together on this list — but we have a particular soft spot for the trio's pitch-perfect parody of buddy cop flicks. When London's most badass police officer is reassigned to a sleepy English hamlet, he's partnered with a hopeless, action-film-fanatic constable who's main goal in life is to fire two guns whilst jumping through the air. If this were nothing but a send-up of Lethal Weapon, Stallone movies et al, it would still be impressive; the pairing of Pegg and Frost, as dynamic a comedic double act as any duo working today, is what makes this work like gangbusters even if you've never seen a single movie they're referencing.—DAVID FEAR

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