Harry Dean Stanton: 10 Essential Movies

From 'Alien' to 'Twin Peaks' – our picks for the late character actor's greatest onscreen moments

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'The Straight Story' (1999)

True to its title, this G-rated David Lynch film is barely "Lynchian" at all … at least until Stanton pops up at the end. Richard Farnsworth plays real-life WWII vet Alvin Straight, who made headlines when he drove his John Deere tractor from Iowa to Wisconsin to visit the stroke-ridden brother he hadn't seen in years. Farnsworth is so sweet that it's hard to imagine that he’d ever made an enemy in his life. But as Lyle Straight, Stanton is so growly that it's easy to see why he might've driven his sibling away – and so soulful that it's clear in an instant that these two weathered old gentlemen are related. NM

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