Harry Dean Stanton: 10 Essential Movies

From 'Alien' to 'Twin Peaks' – our picks for the late character actor's greatest onscreen moments

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'Lucky' (2017)

Stanton's final appearance comes courtesy of this indie drama that revolved around his wry, charismatic on-screen presence; it now doubles as a cinematic last word. Lucky is a creature of routine – the same Yoga exercise every morning, the same diner every day, the same bar every night, But he knows that routine is reaching its end. How does a 90-year-old atheist face the final chapters of life's novel? Stanton perfectly captures the inner monologue of a man who sees the world in practical terms yet knows he's about to depart it. It’s impossible not to consider Lucky as an extension of the actor's personality, making his eventual enlightenment and sense of satisfaction over a life-well-lived a poignant, fitting farewell to its star. BT

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