Grant Morrison's Guide to Batman on the Big Screen

'He's got everything,' says auteur

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'Batman Returns'
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6. 'Batman Returns'

"I like the second Burton film. The whole film was about the effect Batman has had on everyone else. And I think that he gave people who might otherwise have been locked up in prison license to just put on a top hat or a latex suit and call themselves a fantastic name. I like it better than the first one, and I think Michelle Pfeiffer was really good. But on both movies it's a closed set, so it's models and, like, 30 people in Gotham, and only one street corner, and I find them quite claustrophobic. In retrospect, you have to watch them as if they're stage plays rather than movies. I think at the time I wouldn't even have noticed, but they really feel cramped – this really tiny fairy-tale world. But at the time they were groundbreaking – suddenly this Batman stuff could all be taken seriously."

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