Grant Morrison's Guide to Batman on the Big Screen

'He's got everything,' says auteur

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'Batman Forever'
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5. 'Batman Forever'

"I don't particularly like Val Kilmer in the leading role, but Bob Kane himself said that Kilmer was his ideal representation of Batman. But I was never quite convinced. I did like the color and the fact that Gotham felt bigger again, but it was obviously a whole mid-Nineties recapitulation of the Sixties. So it was superficial. It's like one of those Oasis cocaine songs – it can be funny if you're sitting there, watching TV late at night. Joel Schumacher just takes the Batman franchise back to Adam West again, which was almost a brave and funny and bold move. But it was a cartoon. It felt like Schumacher hadn't bothered to look at anything since the Batman TV show for inspiration. And it really showed. The whole thing's incredibly fetishistic, and that's what makes it funny, but terrible for the Batman brand."

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