Grant Morrison's Guide to Batman on the Big Screen

'He's got everything,' says auteur

1950s Batman Serial
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9. 1950s Batman Serial

"Diehards should go and check these fucking things out. It's weird. It's seeing Batman done by art students on no budget. Because nothing happens. It's like the cinema of the underground. It was so indicative of the time, also, it's like Batman on a budget . . . There's an incredible moment where he's climbing up his bat rope and Robin's helping him up and it takes like ten minutes -- this kind of slightly in-shape guy hauling himself up a rope, when he could just as easily have gone upstairs. They don't know kung fu. They just throw themselves at these hoodlums and punch each other and hit each other with chairs until someone's dead. It's really strange. They don't have many redeeming features except if you want – it's like an Andy Warhol Batman – utterly mundane, awful, crushing. This is what Batman would be like with not a lot of money and commitment."