Golden Globes 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From the hosts' Bill Cosby impersonations to the heartfelt speeches, here are the highlights (and low points) of everyone's favorite tipsy awards show

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WORST: That Pandering Charlie Hebdo Reference
Paul Drinkwater/NBC10/20

WORST: That Pandering Charlie Hebdo Reference

You could see loads of celebrities sporting Charlie Hebdo pins on the red carpet, and we're sure that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association president (and per Poehler, "tall Dutch drink of water") Theo Kingma felt a need to address the tragedy. But after making a DOA attempt at joking that nobody knew who he was, Kingma then said that the HFPA would stand united against anyone who'd repress free speech, be it in North Korea "or Paris." The audience rose to their feet, but the sentiment rang false; it truly felt like someone playing to the crowd rather than trying to make a statement, making it one of the more awkward — and exploitative — moments of the evening.

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