Golden Globes 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From the hosts' Bill Cosby impersonations to the heartfelt speeches, here are the highlights (and low points) of everyone's favorite tipsy awards show

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WORST: Kevin Hart Plugging His New Movie
Paul Drinkwater/NBC6/20

WORST: Kevin Hart Plugging His New Movie

Look, we know that this event serves double duty as a chance to give out awards for the previous year's prestige pics and TV shows, and for stars to advertise their upcoming gigs. But there was something about Kevin Hart's faux-disingenuous plugging of his movie The Wedding Ringer, and how hard he laughed at said false promotion ("My movie comes out Friday...[but] that's not why I'm not here"), that just felt kind of showbiz hucksterish to a fault. He was trying to make light of the fact that yes, this is also a great big platform for pitching coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you projects — but maybe honesty isn't always the best policy. 

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