Golden Globes 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From the hosts' Bill Cosby impersonations to the heartfelt speeches, here are the highlights (and low points) of everyone's favorite tipsy awards show

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BEST: Ricky Gervais Brings the Heat
Paul Drinkwater/NBC13/20

BEST: Ricky Gervais Brings the Heat

With his drink in hand, Gervais managed a joke at Hollywood's expense without actually delivering it — an impressive feat, really, but somehow on the former Golden Globes host's tongue, even a faux swipe at Katie Holmes carries with it a real zing. It's only a shame that Quvenzhané Wallis's name was intentionally mispronounced, because she doesn't get to hear it said correctly enough. Hopefully, she feels the Adele Dazeem callback was worth it. Come back, Ricky, all is forgiven.

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