Final Standings in the 'Game of Thrones' After Season Two

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Varys: The Master of Whisperers
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7. Varys: The Master of Whisperers

It's hard to tell how good someone is at the game when you're not even sure what game he's playing. That's certainly the case with the Spider as he spins his webs. Is he the man of peace he portrayed himself as to Ned Stark? The friend to Tyrion Lannister who loathes the court's nastier members as much as the Imp does? The victim of abuse who would rather die than see someone in league with sorcery on the Iron Throne? The double agent skulking around the Red Keep's basement with the rich merchant who funded Daenerys's marriage to Drogo and gave her the dragon eggs that are the key to her future? Tywin Lannister no doubt has little patience for a guy like Varys, but to stop him, he'll have to figure out what it is exactly that he's doing in the first place.

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