Final Standings in the 'Game of Thrones' After Season Two

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Mance Rayder: The King Beyond the Wall
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6. Mance Rayder: The King Beyond the Wall


A player who has yet to enter the game. We've never seen him, and only heard his awesomely Star Warsian name from the wildlings who follow him and the Night's Watchmen who fear him. However, Jon's glimpse of his sprawling camp shows he has manpower to match any other contender. Meanwhile, something tells me that the White Walkers and their zombie hordes are about to ensure there won't be too many Watchmen left to stop Mance's advance. Of course, there are enough dead wildlings in that horde to prove that the Walkers are equal opportunity exterminators, meaning Mance and his forces could get caught between a Wall and a hard place before they have a chance to break through and storm the south.

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