Fall Movie Preview 2017: Bring On the Oscar Movies, 'Blade Runner' and 'Star Wars'

From the studio's Academy Award hopefuls to superhero blockbusters, a 'Blade Runner' sequel to a brand new 'Star Wars'

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'Wonder Wheel' (Dec. 1st)

Woody Allen's latest, set in in the Coney Island of his youth, tees up Kate Winslet to delivers a tour de force performance as a 1950's housewife who cheats on her carousel-operator husband (Jim Belushi). The object of her affection: a stud lifeguard, played by Justin Timberlake. Conflict ensues when a stepdaughter (Juno Temple) shows up to see her dad and falls for the lifeguard herself. The film has laughs and the richly evocative atmosphere of the fabled amusement park, but it's the dramatic sparks you'll remember. And watching Winslet fall to pieces is a rollercoaster ride all by itself.

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