Fall Movie Preview 2017: Bring On the Oscar Movies, 'Blade Runner' and 'Star Wars'

From the studio's Academy Award hopefuls to superhero blockbusters, a 'Blade Runner' sequel to a brand new 'Star Wars'

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'The Disaster Artist' (Dec. 1st)

The 21st-century version of the globe's worst director is indisputably Tommy Wiseau, the Polish-American actor/ filmmaker who won his place in cinema infamy with The Room. Released in 2003, his magnum opus of incomprehensibility is so bad that it's formed of cult of love/hate watchers. Now find out how this modern midnight-movie staple was made, courtesy of director James Franco. He also plays Wiseau, bizarre accent and all, with the same kind of affection that Johnny Depp brought to Ed Wood. Costar Seth Rogen also says that Franco, who just kills it in the role, stayed in character during the shoot. The Disaster Artist is the shit – in the best sense of the word. 

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