Fall Movie Preview 2017: Bring On the Oscar Movies, 'Blade Runner' and 'Star Wars'

From the studio's Academy Award hopefuls to superhero blockbusters, a 'Blade Runner' sequel to a brand new 'Star Wars'

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'Darkest Hour' (Nov. 22nd)

It's been a season of Winston Churchill lately: John Lithgow is considered an Emmy lock for portraying the late Prime Minister in The Crown; Brian Cox acted the venerable English leader hobbled by alcohol and depression in the recent biopic Churchill; and in Dunkirk, we hear the words of the man himself read by a common soldier. Now comes Joe Wright's addition to the canon, with the formidable Gary Oldman taking on the role of the cigar-chomping British bulldog as he refuses to negotiate a peace with Hitler ("We cannot reason with a tiger when our head is in its mouth"). The actor, almost unrecognizable behind makeup and prosthetics, is facing the biggest challenge of his career – but look for the sure-to-be Oscar nominee to to deliver a career-best performance beneath all that latex.

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